Portfolio Analysis

If you do not believe you need investment management services, but would like a one-time, occasional, or regular review of your portfolio, Soares Financial is happy to provide this service for you.

A professional review of your portfolio may be for you if you

  • Are a do-it-yourself investor & would like to get an opinion from a professional
  • Have a 401k or 403b retirement account & want help deciding among your investment choices
  • Are uncertain about the tax ramifications of your investment decisions

For you we offer consultations that include an unbiased evaluation of your portfolio and recommendations on the following:

  • Appropriate risk level based on your risk profile & time horizon
  • Appropriate diversification
  • Quality of investments including choosing among 401k or 403b alternatives
  • Reasonable investment expenses
  • Tax considerations if applicable

We do not sell any investment products, and do not receive commissions or compensation for products or investment that we recommend.

Our expertise is with mutual funds and ETFs, so we can provide only limited review services if your portfolio consists of individual stocks.